C8 Corvette Blade Spoiler



Full pre-preg carbon fiber rear blade spoiler, designed specifically for the 2020+ C8 Corvette. 

Available in either a high-gloss UV protectant clear coated finish* or RAW uncoated carbon fiber ready to paint.  Select your option to view pricing.

*Gloss clear coat finish shown in product images

Installation does NOT require any drilling or modifications to the vehicle.  However, each Steinhauser Design C8 spoiler features six threaded inserts located in the same positions as the OEM Z51 spoiler and High Wing attachment points.  Make sure to add the hardware option to your order, to receive the stainless-steel hardware and a drilling template.

Current lead time is estimated 2 to 3 weeks for new orders.  

Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Steinhauser Design C8 Rear Blade Spoiler

Spoiler that makes a Statement

Our objective was to create a spoiler design that accentuates the C8’s angular and dynamic aesthetic. The low slung yet aggressive profile creates more downforce but with minimal drag, unlike any other C8 spoiler.
Steinhauser Design C8 Rear Blade Spoiler

W i d e r   i s   B e t t e r

We maximized the spoiler width by extending all the way out to the rear quarter panels. This unique feature gives the rear end a widened and more planted aesthetic while also creating more surface area for fine tuning the improved aerodynamics.
Steinhauser Design | C8 Blade Spoiler | Certificate of Authenticity

Proudly manufactured in the USA by an OEM supplier

We take great pride in supporting domestic manufacturers, workers, and artisans. We have partnered with the best of the best to bring you the highest quality C8 carbon fiber spoiler. Each spoiler comes with a Certificate of Authenticity which carries a unique serial number matching the part.
Steinhauser Design | C8 Blade Spoiler | 3d CAD development

OEM supported development

Experience an unparalleled level of quality and fitment. Thanks to validation of our brand at the OEM level, this spoiler has been developed utilizing the original vehicle data.
Steinhauser Design | C8 Rear Blade Spoiler

Pre-Preg Carbon Fiber

Pre-preg carbon fiber material is carefully laid up inside of the molds and cured at a very high temperature in a controlled environment, called an autoclave. This manufacturing process and material yields the most consistent parts from both a structural and aesthetic standpoint.
Steinhauser Design | C8 Rear Blade Spoiler | CF Detail

Details Matter

No compromises here. Even the carbon fiber material is split down the centerline to match the OEM C8 front splitter construction. This also creates a more consistent and symmetrical material lay up on both sides of the part.

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